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When planning a wedding there are three large expenses that can really make or break the day. The first is your venue, and other than making it fit your budget, and being sure it can accommodate your guest list, fit your time frame and compliments your style, there is not much to think about. The second one is catering. Remember, this will include both the food and the drinks, has to accommodate differing dietary needs, think vegan or gluten free options, and has to be delivered in a timely fashion to a large group. The last big expense is photography. Wedding planners generally advise couples to plan to spend about ten percent of their total budget on a specialized professional photographer. Photography may not seem that important when selecting a wedding gown, hiring caterers, arranging seating, guest lists, electing brides maids and groomsmen… but when it is all said and done you are going to take three things away from that day. While your marriage will flourish your memories of that day will fade - it takes a skilled professional to capture those moments otherwise they will be lost “like tears in rain”.