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About Us:

Shattered Images Photography provides high quality wedding photography in southern Missouri or on location at your favorite destination.

Robin is our lead wedding photographer. "I have had a passion for photography for more than 20 years. I have enjoyed photographing many areas of the country. First, while in the Navy then as a military spouse. I am looking forward to using my creativity and education as a portrait photographer for Shattered Images."

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7 Tips for Great Wedding Photos (PDF)


  • Will my photos have the Shattered Images logo on them?
    • No, the logo only appears on photos used by Shattered Images Photography, LLC for advertising purposes, all other copies are in their original form.
  • Are photos digitally retouched?
    • Yes, all photos are filtered for dust and other basic imperfections that can occur and cropped for display. We can preform other retouching or re-coloring for an additional charge.
  • You list prices for “on location” in your bookings, does that mean you travel to my wedding destination?
    • Yes, we will gladly travel to other locations, all travel arrangements and costs must be covered by the client.
  • How much space do you need to shoot photos?
    • Photos can be taken in most average size rooms provided they are relatively free of clutter. Ten feet by ten feet is about the minimum amount of usable space.
  • When is payment for services due?
    • A $500 deposits is due at the time you book your wedding with us, the reminder of the balance is split in to three payments that are due at regular intervals, the last of which is due one week prior to your wedding day.
  • Due you require your clients to have a signed contract with you prior to the event?
    • Yes, at the time you schedule us to do your photos you will be required to sign a contract along with paying the deposit. You may view the specifics of the contract here (PDF).

26555 Gene Dr., Lebanon MO 65536