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About Us:

Shattered Images Photography provides a variety of video productions locally and will gladly consider doing productions out of our area.

Spencer is our lead producer. "Since I was young, I have always been fascinated with motion media in all of its forms because of the stories and information they have shared in their own unique mediums.. I have since then learned how to help people share their stories, products, businesses, events and more through the process of video production. I began creating videos in high school journalism with a passion and went on to win 2nd place in the 2015 4-H National Film Festival for a Narrative Docudrama as well as 2nd place from MODOT for a Public Service Announcement in the Arrive Alive Program. My hard work and passion has also earned a permanent installation in the LHS Art Gallery along with the LHS Visual Arts Department Award of Excellence. I have worked with a Feature Film, a variety of advertisements, and I'm truly eager to see how I can help you with any video needs that you may have."

26555 Gene Dr., Lebanon MO 65536