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26555 Gene Dr., Lebanon MO 65536

The most well known form of photography is almost certainly Fashion Photography. Nothing fires the imagination faster then catwalks, exotic locations, and glamorous beautiful people. Certainly no form of photography is more demanding; deadlines, client expectations, and the latests trends all must be metand exceeded with exacting precision. Budgets are low, time is short, and competition is high in this fast paced field.

While the professional field of Fashion Photography is both exhilarating and exhausting, its commercial counterpart is a lot more fun. Glamour Photography brings the excitement and allure of a fashion shoot to the everyday person. You may have heard it said that the camera adds 10 pounds. Let me assure you that's just not true. While it is true that flat lighting, wide-angle lenses and not knowing how to pose can lead to less then flattering images, it is equally true that a skilled photographer with a good eye and an excellent working knowledge of lighting, posing and lenses can bring out the best in all of us.

Here at Shattered Images Photography we are constantly working with lighting, studying posing, and increasing our knowledge of the best methods to truly make you shine, turning your Glamour Photo Experience in to a fun and rewarding time.

Shattered Images Photography - Capturing Beauty in all Its Forms.