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About Us:

Shattered Images Martial Arts Photography provides high quality martial arts portraiture to most of the country on location in your martial arts school. Our lead photographer began working as a professional photographer in 2005 with Robertson's Martial Arts Photography and has now been working independently for many years. He is well versed in a variety of lighting and photographic styles. He began his martial arts career in 1985 and has gone on to receive black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and Kobu Jutsu, as well as being qualified to instruct Systema and Fencing. At S.I.P., all of our martial arts photographers have at least one black belt and a continued love and interest for the martial arts.

Robertson's Martial Arts Photography

Behind the Scenes
We have the experience. . .
Behind the Scenes
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Behind the Scenes


  • I want to book a shoot for my school, how many student do I need?
    • You need a minimum of 15 students signed up to purchase pictures, 24 to receive the promotional work

  • I want to book a shoot for my school, do I need to be present?
    • YES, it is absolutely mandatory that you or an adult representative of your school is present for the entire shoot.

  • Are photos digitally retouched?
    • Yes, all photos are filtered for dust and other basic imperfections that can occur and cropped for display. We can preform other retouching or re-coloring for an additional charge.

  • Will I be able to view my photos the day I take them?
    • Yes, everything is shot digitally, you will be able to view your photos on a large screen and choose exactly the ones you want.

  • How much space do you need to shoot photos?
    • We need a minimum of 15' x 30 feet with access to two 3 prong electrical outlets to set up, there also needs to be some additional space for students and parents.

  • Do you provide any weapons or props for the photos?
    • No, all of the props and wardrobe needs must be met by the student or school.

  • How long does it take to get the photos back?
    • It takes 10 Business days for the photos to be processed and shipped from the last day of the shoot.

  • Is there a minimum age for our clientele?
    • No, if they are enrolled in your school they may get pictures.

  • Is there anything I should do ahead of time to prepare?
    • Yes, choosing 2 or 3 poses really helps the process. It is a good idea to have a hand technique (punch or block) and a kick chosen ahead of time. The kicks that photograph the best are; front kick, round kick, side kick, twist kick, jumps side kick, & jump round kick. It is always very helpful to have an idea what poses you wish to do and ensures the shoot runs smoothly.

Robertson's Martial Arts Photography